Tokyo, Japan


A city filled with beautiful green and urban gems

When I imagined Tokyo, I originally thought it'd be a set of concrete high-rise buildings. It turns out the city is full of lovely trees and wonderful neighborhoods.

Where to go

Shibuya City is an incredible area of Tokyo. Daikanyama was immediately charming, full of cute shops and cafes and lovely walks. We spotted our favorite breakfast spot going to the center of Shibuya City from Daikanyama. It turned out to be an excellent pick, and the rest of Shibuya City feels like that.

enjoying cat street

Things to do

Shibuya City

Chuo City/Ginza and Chiyoda


Taito City

Places to eat and drink

Shibuya City

Everyday foods and eats:

Coffee and tea:

Special occasion:

Chuo City/Ginza and Chiyoda

Meguro City

  • I'm donut? is actually a spot that we didn't get to try, but the line was incredible and the experience of waiting in line for a supposedly excellent donut could be fun.
  • WOODBERRY COFFEE 代官山店 for a pretty good latte

Taito City

Side trips

If you're looking for something a bit different than the bustle of the city, a quick day trip into Nikko is a nice change of pace. We went to see the Nikko Toshogu 日光東照宮 Shrine, Nikko Futarasan Jinja 日光二荒山神社, and Taiyu-in - Taiyu-in Ryukō-in Temple Hall 輪王寺 大猷院 龍光院 for some lovely traditional temples. The latter was our favorite, the site of Tokugawa Iemitsu's grave. It was the most peaceful and tree-filled.

the bridge to nikko