Kyoto, Japan


A smaller city and different cultural take on Japan

Kyoto was by far the most touristy spot we went to. There were some gems along the outskirts and edges of the city, but it was a bit too busy for our tastes while we were there. Still, found some great places to go to!

me, down pontocho

Where to go

For us, the outskirts of the city were the most beautiful and calm parts of Kyoto, even with the crowds visiting. In particular, Arashiyama had some of the more lovely nature-focused spots. The Higashiyama temples, and especially the area along the Philosopher's Path, were also quite wonderful and worth visiting. I'd venture that the further outskirts of Kyoto would be even more lovely.

Things to do

arashiyama bamboo forest

Places to eat and drink

Side trips

Nara Park 奈良公園 is a great day trip, fun to see the deer and visit the huge Buddha at Tōdai-ji 東大寺. Also a blast to go get takoyaki at たこやき大松 and visit Nakatanidou 中谷堂 to see the famous hand made mochi that's apparently a YouTube sensation and is also very delicious.

fushimi inari path