Venice, Italy



Let me start off by saying that Venice really is a one of a kind city. Sinking into the ocean in all of its majesty, it really is on the list as a must visit. However, the excess of gimmicky tourist traps definitely makes the city harder to want to visit after one trip. The true beauty of the area lies in the Dolomites.

venezia, sinking water city

Venice Proper

Typical. Saint Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, and the Rialto Bridge. But there's something really gorgeous about the mismatched statues of Doge's Palace, and although the Rialto Bridge is under construction, the river ways around the bridge are still spectacular. I'd say my favorite neighborhood is Cannaregio. The least touristy part. And with excellent gelato, courtesy of Grom!

The Dolomites

Best part of Venice is the trip up to the Dolomites, the eastern Italian Alps! From Belluno to Agordo to Alleghe to Lagazuoi and the Falzarego pass, this drive was well worth it! The pass served as the pinnacle of our loop, with a pretty wild funicular ride up to the top (unfortunately closed when we went). Very cold but breathtakingly gorgeous. I would absolutely recommend that anyone take the time to explore this fantastic part of Italy.

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