Copenhagen, Denmark



I'm sure you won't be able to tell, but this was one of my favorite spots. The reason was the cool undertone, the understated vibe of awesome, chic, small neighborhoods.

Street and Parkscapes

Jægersborggade is one of my favorite streets in the world, and that's really saying something. From crafty stores to a Michelin star restaurant, it has it all. It even leads to the famous Hans Christian Andersen's grave. And what a cemetery! The Assistens cemetery is breathtaking, and full of gorgeous tombstones. Worth a visit.

a little known park

Nyhavn, the Classic

From here, you can travel to the other "islands" and other neighborhoods of Copenhagen by boat, and I highly recommend it. But you cannot visit Copenhagen without at least appreciating Nyhavn. Definitely make your way to this fantastic little port full of color and life (even if it is touristy life).

nyhavn, of course

Chilling on a Summer's Day

Islands Brygge (which word totally makes you think of hygge, doesn't it?) is one of the most relaxed places I've seen in Copenhagen, featuring all kinds of people out for a stroll or a bike ride. There's even water polo by kayaking! You can't beat that.

islands brygge


Right across from København we have Christianshavn, a place housing some of the finer residences and this excellent street food fair. I adore the idea of street food right next to a large, open harbor. Something about it just feels right in this city by the ocean.

toward christianshavn